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Lawn Irrigation Control Panels

Because you do not want to think about running your sprinkler or irrigation system any more than necessary, consider installing one of our effective and convenient sprinkler controllers. With one of our irrigation control panels in place, your watering system will be one of the most functional and effective around.

With a properly installed controller, you can create a watering schedule that will automatically maintain your plants while preventing overwatering. By selecting a start time and run time, you can customize your system to water certain zones for varying lengths of time. Many of our more advanced controllers will allow you to create and save more than one schedule, permitting you to vary your watering habits on a regular basis. Some of our more advanced products even include local weather tracking through the use of satellite technology, as well as customized lighting schedules for your property.

This convenient and efficient method is available with our variety of controller brands. Choose one from our lines of Hunter, Rain Bird, Irritrol, Toro or Weathermatic controllers and timers, and set your sprinkler or irrigation system to run itself.